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We will work with the homeowner, architect or designer to create the stair design and/or handrail system you want, including geometry and material choices. While the options are unlimited, we can help guide the process based on budget and overall style desired. If you can imagine it we can build it.


Once the design is determined, we take all field measurements back to the shop and using the best combination of modern machinery and traditional methods, we build your stair to the highest standards.


We install the stair and any landing work associated with the stair, freeing the contractor from any responsibility. We work with site carpenters or other sub-contractors to insure the stair fits seamlessly with adjoining trim. We can also make and install a custom or traditional handrail system on your existing stair. We are flexible, accommodating and very skilled at what we do.


Our stairs can be made in a wide variety of geometric shapes utilizing many species of wood. They can be shop built and brought in as a single unit or site built for convenience. We can do your interior stairs or your exterior stairs including high quality decks and porches. We can incorporate other materials such as iron, glass, marble, tile, etc. into the stair. Stairways are a central element in your home or business and deserve the special attention to detail that only a specialist can provide.

Stair Parts

Our speciality is custom stairs, handrail systems and all associated parts. We make custom newel posts, box, turned, or completely unique. We make custom balusters, square, turned, or one of a kind. We can match existing stair parts. We especially like to make custom handrails including ascending helical rails, curved landing rails, descending volutes, rake to level transitions, one piece goosenecks and other handrail parts. All made using modern and historical methods, no bending rail is used. This allows for unlimited profile designs in any geometric shape and in any species of wood. 

Area Served

We are a regional stair company primarily serving Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We ship handrail and handrail parts anywhere in the world. Wherever you are we would like to hear from you.


Just in case it has not been mentioned enough, the quality and craftsmanship are very high. Great care is taken with the smallest details. Great pride is taken in the finished product. Your satisfaction is essential.
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